Top 5 Things to do in Canada

Canada is known for its good sauce. People, poutine, and the way they say “oot, aboot”. It’s the ideal destination to travel in any season and offers endless fun for everyone. Here are some of our favourite experiences if you haven’t yet.


Minnewanka Lake

Minnewanka Lake, located in the heart Banff National Park is a must-see. You can take a boat ride, picnic on the shore, or walk around the park to learn about the Aboriginal geology and folklore.

Banff gondola ride

Enjoy the stunning views from Banff, a famous mountain town. The views from Banff’s gondola are breathtaking, no matter whether you travel in winter, summer, or any other season. There are many fun activities at the top Sulphur Mountain.


The rocky mountaineer

Take the train to Jasper for the best views of western Canada. You can stroll along the Kicking Horse Pass, which runs along the Fraser and Thompson Rivers through the “country full of cowboys”.

Columbia Ice Fields

This icefield lies high up in the Rocky Mountains and straddles the Continental Division of the Americas. This icefield touches both Banff National Park as well Jasper National Park. It is one of the largest ice mass south of the Arctic Circle. Enjoy the stunning scenery of Icefields Parkway, and take a walk alongside the Athabasca Glacier. Glacier Skywalk is for those who dare to go. It’s a glass walkway that extends almost 30m above Sunwapta Canyon.


Vancouver Viewpoint

Vancouver Viewpoint is a landmark and iconic spot in Vancouver. The tower rises above the city’s heart and offers stunning 360-degree views of one of most beautiful cities in the globe.

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